Things Written

A Sheath of Blue


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI once saw a sign, so infinite and blue, whose ripples of entirety threaded through and through. Around I searched and searched the air, for the answer to my prayers were already there. Up and around the yonder I saw, creatures so pure, so perfect and raw.

In and out I took three breaths, as I washed away the uncertainty off my chest. The wind so free, so sharp and graceful, it could lift me up and sway me away. My eyes turn to flicker and flee, as I stare out into the distance of sun rays and reality. The doubt was gone, far and wide, for in this moment it would subside.

Waves and waves so unstable and wondrous, shimmering and gleaming shamelessly into the night. For the first time I stepped foot into thee, it was crystal clear this is where I was meant to be.

For you dear Ocean, I trekked far and wide, to bask in your beauty all day and all night.



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